Career Ignition For Freshmen

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By: BloomsCoach

Career Ignition: An Introductory Guide for Freshmen

Get introduced to the tricks and tips of career development and management from this short piece. It is aimed at facilitating fremen’s integration into the competitive corporate world, despite their low level of experience.

In this piece, you will be introduced to:

  • the challenges in the job market.
  • kick-starting a career.
  • how and where to find job vacancies.
  • how to apply for a job.
  • how to tackle job interviews.
  • sealing the deal.
  • crafting a resume for your job application.
  • preparing to face the challenge of lack of experience.
  • submitting an application.

All of these, for a total cost of ZERO dime, for a limited time ONLY!


2 reviews for Career Ignition For Freshmen

  1. Wonderful guide for anyone at the genesis of their career.

  2. Thank you for this piece of work. It help me a great deal in rethinking my career.

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